sweet jude…

well, i cannot believe it, but little jude is already one.  jude is one of my very adorable baby plan babies that i have watched grow over the last year.   since the last time i saw him, he has turned into a little boy…same sweet smile and same beautiful, brown eyes that melt me every time i see him.  he is so loved and adored by his parents and as always, i love watching these beautiful relationships between parents and their children.  so nice to see you kristin and thom…what a perfect, little sweetness you both have!!  🙂ecgbad

Posted by Eydie Nelson

I adore the families I am fortunate enough to work with and am grateful they allow me to capture a little piece of their lives. Your children not only inspire me behind my lens, but fill me with happiness.

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  1. These are all so beautiful Eydie! What a cute little guy he is!

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