perfectly sweet…

wheweee!  i am back from some wonderful, much needed time off!  i am excited to be working again!  what a wonderful session to start my 2010!  these adorable little girls made my morning.  they were both perfectly sweet…i loved my time with them and their mom too!  🙂  as you will see, these girls are edible…i really could not get enough of the eyes and curls and lips.  🙂  thank you to the parish family and congratulations to you all on your very exciting news!  abkchde

  • Kelli P. - Eydie,
    These pictures are AMAZING!! I can’t wait to see the rest of them. Thanks for being so wonderful and patient (all their snack breaks) with the girls. It was a fun morning. Thank you!

  • Annie - Hi! I’m Kelli’s cousin and she sent us an email telling us that pictures of the girls are on your blog and that they brought tears to her eyes when she saw them. I have to tell you that I’m teared up too! Those girls are beautiful and you captured their beauty and innocence perfectly! I’m having twins in March and I have a feeling we’ll be getting a hold of you to take pictures of our children 🙂

  • nelsonph - thanks, annie and kelli! 🙂

  • Jamie - Eydie…that first photo is SO delicious! Adorable!