happy birthday to my sweet baby girl…

my grace is 4 today and  i am filled with emotion.  i am sad that 4 years could go by so quickly, but excited to see what each new year will bring for her.  my heart bursts with feelings of proudness when i look at her and she is only 4.  i could of course go on and on because i am so in love with this little girl, but i end by saying how lucky i feel to have been given this perfect little being four years ago today.  we were filled with amazement when we looked into her teeny little eyes and i am still filled with amazement every time i look at her. happy birthday my sweet grace. i love you with alllll of my heart.


  • sally g - Such wonderful photos of a beautiful little Grace…eat her up!

  • Jen Leiting - Happy Birthday Gracie!!! Love, Michaela

    PS – now we’re both 4!!!

  • gwendolyn waite - Happy birthday Grace! Adorable photos.

  • this n that - Wow, she is beautiful Eydie! She looks just like you! :0)

  • Mary - Belated birthday wishes to one of our favorite little girls! We love you!

    Mary & Bill

  • Paula - She is just so beautiful!!! Happy belated B-day, Grace!