our sweet love…myles henry

it is very hard for me to believe that our little love is already 4 weeks old.  my eyes well up just thinking about it because he has already grown so much. sometimes, i wish that time could just stand still…because i just want him to stay teeny for just a bit longer.  he is so tiny and perfect and innocent.  i know that most of you understand this feeling exactly.  i wish his teeny body would fit on my chest forever, all curled up in a little ball.  i love snuggling with him…there is nothing like it.  oh, how i love everything about this time…even with the lack in sleep, i love it.:)  as you can see, i am very far behind in posting photos of myles…i have been cherishing this precious time with my family and adjusting to our new life of five. below are a few of the photos i have captured since myles was born.

myles henry :: 6 days old

myles henry :: 11 days old

my two older loves being silly:)

myles henry :: 21 days old

itty bitty baby myles ::  myles henry one day old

my dear, dear friend gwen waite photographed our family not even a day after our myles was born.  i am incredibly thankful to have these photos…i would have never had these moments captured otherwise.  and, as much as we want to just remember, it is so easy to forget what that moment felt like and looked like because everything is such a whirlwind after a baby is born.  precious, precious memories that i will cherish for a lifetime.

oh how i love this sweet little boy.:)

sweet, sweet family…

another perfectly sweet and adorable family…i am so lucky.:)  remember little ruby?  https://eydienelsonphotography.com/blog/teeny-little-loves/little-ruby/ she has grown so much.  her sister and brothers adore her.  we had fun playing in the warm, fall sun and the light was so pretty.  isn’t it funny how naturally different little boys and girls are?  girls love to twirl and dance like a princess and boys love to run and fall to the groundl!  the weather we have had here in MN is simply breathtaking…i want it to last forever.  thank you, W family…

two little lovelies…

it is always a joy when i get to travel to iowa to take photos of these beautiful little girls…alex just turned one and was as cute as can be.  she has learned to walk and there is nothing cuter than a baby walking with their yummy rolly polly legs.  and, her big sister is always one of my most photogenic little friends.  she loves to smile at me and of course i love that.  🙂  thanks, jen and pat…i loved seeing you all.

sweetness…otto and max

i met this very adorable family in january…little otto was just days old and a teeny peanut {baby otto}.  he is growing big now and was full of the most adorable smiles.  and, max…well, i am still in love with his curls.  i don’t think i could ever cut them if i were his mommy.:)  i loved seeing you all again…we had so much fun on a gloomy spring afternoon.

savannah grace…

i could have stayed at savannah’s house alllll morning…she was so happy and full of expression…the most adorable little one year old with a beautiful spirit… the light was stunning and i loved visiting with her mommy.  🙂  i have loved watching savannah grow over the last year…it seems like yesterday that i met her and she was teeny tiny.  it is these little ones that allow me to feel so fulfilled in my career.  🙂  thank you laura and jason…i adore your little family.  oh, and the bear in the photos was savannah’s moms when she was a little girl.  and, according to mommy, this bear slept in bed with her until savannah arrived.  so very sweet.