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happy Easter!

may you and your families have a very blessed Easter…with lots of bunnies and chocolate eggs.:)

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  • Angela Detviler - Adorable, Eydie! Your babies are so precious, and these are the cutest pics!

my baby boy and his duckie…

i love the details…every little part of him.  he loves the bathtub…and, watching him play in the tub never gets old.  his face lights up…he loves to splash.  the wonder of it all.  and, seeing every part of his perfect baby skin covered with bubbles.  he is perfection. these are the moments i wish i…

  • sally g - OH goodness me…those eyes,lips and baby buns!! Love the mini-shoot idea and most of all love baby Myles. Such great photos of your little love.

  • Sara - I would so hang those pics on my walls! 🙂 I just put the bathtub shots you took of Taylor back up in their bathroom because I so love them. I am in for a mini-shoot.

  • andi laine - these are the sweetest pictures ever! and the sweetest baby too 🙂 i can’t believe how big he’s getting 🙁 great idea for the mini-shoots – might be stealing that one 😉 miss you friend!

  • Angela - I forgot to comment on this post… so incredibly adorable! Myles, you are one sweet little boy 🙂

isn’t life grand…

my dear friend sara said it perfectly, “isn’t life grand. so crazy and yet so still.”  i really could not have worded a description of this photo any more perfect.  it was a crazy busy week and while i didn’t think my patience could go much further, i walk into a room and see this. …

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  • Maria - Oh this is just too precious!!! Darling photo!

my sweet loves…

i vowed to myself this year i would be better about doing a few regular photography sessions with my own children.  a real photography session, where i plan a special little spot to go, dress up and capture a few memories we will cherish forever and always.  and, so this is the first of 2011…and,…

  • Judy - These photos are absolutely stunning, Eydie, expressing your gifted talent beautifully.

  • Natalie - Eydie- these are amazing!!! Absolutely beautiful photos! You will definitely cherish these forever!!

  • Maria - What sweet photos!! Love the setting! And your children as so loving, it really shines through in the photos!

  • Sally - Oh Eydie, those are truly perfect summertime photos. You deserve to have one incredible “secret field” to take your babies portraits…everything about the shoot is beautiful.