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little angel addyson…pictures of hope

sweet baby addyson was born on march 29th at just over one pound…she is a little miracle and i am happy to report that she is now over five pounds and hopefully going home to her mom and dad soon.  my pictures of hope photography sessions are nothing but humbling.  i love every minute i…

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  • Marissa - Eydie~ Thank you so much for coming to photograph Addyson! The pictures turned out beautifully and I’m so glad we got to meet you!! You are such a sweet person and I can’t wait to have to shoot the whole family some day 😉

pictures of hope…sweet elizabeth

i love these sessions…and have worked with nothing but exceptional families and parents.  these babies are true blessings…when i look into their beautiful, sweet eyes, i know how differently it could have been.  sweet baby elizabeth is doing so well and is getting so close to going home to her two big brothers and one…

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  • Jessica - Oh, these pictures are amazing! Sarah (Elizabeth’s mama) is my husband’s cousin and a very dear friend of mine. She has been through so much since Elizabeth’s very early delivery and is daily torn between precious Elizabeth at the hospital and her three adorable children at home. I know these pictures mean so much to her, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your amazing gift of photography with someone that is dear to me. And what a gift you have! Your whole website is amazing. Thank you again for your fantastic work!


little miracles…pictures of hope

in the heart of the holiday season, i find it is so easy to get caught up  in the commercialization of Christmas…the gift buying, the decorations, the holiday cards…all of the things that seem to take over our lives during the month of december. and, not that all of these things are not wonderful because…

benjamin thomas…perfection

this little love is very dear to my heart…he belongs to one of my dearest friends and i am so happy he is here and is doing so well.  he decided that he wanted to come into the world a bit early…two months early and only weighed a little over three pounds.  he is a…

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  • Faith - Eydie….I LOVE them!! Thank you so much. My little ones are growing up too fast and I will cherish these pictures forever. You are the best!

pictures of hope and perfect sweetness…

the story of shelby is beautiful…it began in montana where shelby’s parents were living before shelby was born.  shelby’s mom had experienced a tough pregnancy up to this point and at 22 weeks, with the guidance of her doctor, she was advised that she needed to be closer to a hospital that could handle a…

  • Molly - Eydie-thank you for sharing the story of beautiful and courageous, Baby Shelby! What a true blessing she is!

  • Annesa Bergstrom - I read this story and felt that I wanted to let you know that The Bergstrom family in Carlisle, Iowa is thinking about you and praying for Shelby. My daughter was born premature and was 9 weeks early (a 31 weeker)…I understand the struggles that you go through with the NICU and the ups and downs.

    In the NICU next to us was a little girl Isabell who was also born at 23 weeks. Although 1 lb we watched daily her journey…One year later at a NICU reunion Isabell came. She was healthy, happy, and looked amazing in her stroller eating an ice cream bar. You would have never known she was a 23 weeker.

    The journey is hard and seems never ending. These babies are gifts and teach us lessons. God has a plan for us all and give us what we can handle although I did question that at times. Now I understand the lessons and appreciate the journey. Good luck with your journey and we will be praying for your family.

    The Bergstroms

  • Shutter Mission | Portrait Charities - What an incredible story and amazing little girl! Thank you for sharing, and for using your gift to help someone else!

  • linda lafond - I have been following Shelby’s story as well. I am very fortunate to know her Grandma Joanie. It is nothing shy of a miracle at how Shelby has grown and flourished. Our loving God and Father is in control and has sent His angels to watch over her and her family. I am truly convinced that God has something special planned for Shelby and her family. Shelby’s mommy and daddy are two special people. They have been through so much, but it has made them stronger. God knew very well who Shelby’s parents should be and He found the two best people ever. Thank you so much for sharing your story and the beautiful pictures of this precious child of God. It brings tears to my eyes, but tears of joy to see how far Shelby has come. Thank you again!

  • Jamie - Eydie…such an incredible gift! Typing through a few tears right now, but my heart is definitely smiling.

  • Saint Paul and Minneapolis Photographer - eydie nelson - Pictures of Hope Session | Shutter Mission - […] can read more about this incredible baby girl and see more photographs from this session on Eydie’s […]