teeny tiny baby boy…minneapolis newborn photography

blake, you are the sweetest little peanut and you melt my heart.  what a lucky little baby you are to have come into the world to such wonderful parents; and, they are forever blessed by your sweet self.  jen and brian, i enjoyed our time together so much.  jen, you reminded me why i love my job so much when i looked at you staring at your blake and you were crying…what a wonderful mommy you already are. blake was a perfect little subject for our shoot. i cannot stop swooning over him. i hope these photos will forever remind you of your precious miracle when he was just days old.

welcome to the world baby vinny…

this perfect little bundle is the baby boy of my dear, dear friend…he came to visit me for photos a few weeks ago.  i loved meeting him, holding him and snuggling with him during our photo shoot.  baby vinny decided to come into the world over a month early.  when i photographed him, he as almost a month old and still was so teeny tiny.  mmm..mmm..mmm…little love.  renee and larry, so happy for you.  vinny is a perfect mix of you both and with a mommy like his, he will be filled with more sweetness than a whole house full of chocolate pie.  hugs.  more photos to come soon.

what a pretty, pretty mommy vinny has…look at him look at her.  so sweet.