jackson henry…

these little newborns are the most amazing sites on earth.  baby jackson was an angel….such a good boy and, he let us try numerous hats on him with no quarrels.  🙂  i have found that the world is really small.  jackson’s mom is a sorority sister of mine from iowa state university.  i was already done with school when natalie was there, but so fun to find this information out!  🙂  we had so much fun chatting and taking photos of this little love. thank you, natalie for a really fun morning.

ps…jackson is modeling one of my favorite mooncakes hats in the first photo (www.moon-cakes.com) he is going to be a star at the young age of 3 weeks. 🙂 


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  • gwendolyn waite - Eydie, these are just stunning. Beautiful work – they just take my breath away…