conner, nicholas & kaitlyn…

three pairs of very cute feetsies, which belong to three very cute, blondies…mom wanted a cute feet shot and i was happy to take it because i love feet…nothing cuter then little kiddo feet.  it was a beautiful morning and we had so much fun.  i love taking photos of children who are a little older…i don’t do this as often so it is sure a treat when i do. the conversations are so fun and innocent.  kids are so filled with knowledge and love sharing stories and things that excite them.  i love it.  conner was a pro and i am thinking must secretly be taking photos on a daily basis.  🙂  he was a natural and was also such a great helper rounding up his younger brother and sister for me. and, his curls…wow. i think his mom and dad could be in trouble with those amazing curls.  OH, and i cannot forget lucky, the lizard…nick’s pet…i was so lucky to get to meet him!!  :).  thank you, stacey for allowing me a very fun filled morning with your adorable children.  it was a pleasure.

i am loving all the blog comments lately!!  keep them coming!  🙂  let the kiddo’s parents know you stopped by to see their adorable kiddos.bcadicutekglfinal

Posted by Eydie Nelson

I adore the families I am fortunate enough to work with and am grateful they allow me to capture a little piece of their lives. Your children not only inspire me behind my lens, but fill me with happiness.