ava rose…

look at this little six month peanut…isn’t she so sweet?  she was on the move…i mean seriously…she had no desire to sit in one place for her photos.  🙂  i think she might be walking by the time she is 8 months!  ha!  while we were at the park taking photos, we had a cute little family approach us with kids.  ava loved watching them and the families little ones were having a cute little conversation with ava.  it was so sweet and adorable to listen to… the family was so appreciative that they could stop and see this adorable little baby girl smile at them…ahhh, the simple pleasures in life.   ava’s mommy drove a ways to see me and i am so glad she did…thank you for making the trip, rene.  i am so happy to get to work with you in the future …it will be so fun to see ava grow.  aicdfeg

  • Roxann Hickey - She’s so photogenic. Awe, Rene, she looks like such an angel. Like I said before, you must be going absolutely insane with her.

  • Suzy Vendl - Ava’s pictures came out so adorable. I love the pictures! She truly is a Polish princess!!! Love you!!

  • Riley Shapiro - Hello Ava! I miss you! You are too cute and I can not wait for our next sleepover! I luv u! xoxox Riley James