three sweet ones…

it was so fun to meet the very kind ihle family this past week-end…little miss grace just turned 6 months and sat so pretty for me.  isn’t she delicious?  and, miss peyton and mr. william were very busy playing, but took a little time out to let me get a few shots of them!   we had to do some serious sweet talking to get a photo of all three kiddos, but the smell of hotdogs cooking and popcorn popping was all it took.  🙂  thank you kari and justin…your children are darling.

  • Justin - Wow Eydie, these are fantastic! Thanks so much for posting.

  • Cynthia - These pictures are spectacular!

  • Bob - Wow, these are beautiful! Incredible sharpness and clarity, nice work!

  • Kelly - Those are beautiful!!!!

  • Linda Mason - The pictures are adorable. Love them.
    Great work!!

  • Stephanie Ricke - I adore this family- how beautiful and sweet they all are and their parents are equally amazing!