miss kaitlyn…

oh sleeping angel kaitlyn…you slept so beautifully.:)  i won’t tell our viewing audience how hard we had to work to get you into dreamland, but it was well worth the wait:)  you are a sweet pea and i know you have already filled your mom and dad’s hearts with so much love.  the world is so small and that fact always amazes me.  i had never met kaitlyn’s mommy, but within minutes of meeting, we learned that we practically already knew each other!:) i am glad our paths crossed. congratulations maggie and justin…kaitlyn is beautiful.

sweetness…otto and max

i met this very adorable family in january…little otto was just days old and a teeny peanut {baby otto}.  he is growing big now and was full of the most adorable smiles.  and, max…well, i am still in love with his curls.  i don’t think i could ever cut them if i were his mommy.:)  i loved seeing you all again…we had so much fun on a gloomy spring afternoon.