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sweet smooches…owen & olivia…

i had the pleasure of meeting owen and olivia recently and i love, love, love the first two photos below.  mmmm…mmmmm…just so sweet.  as you can see, mr. owen likes his sister and his guitar and i think he is definitely on his way to being a future rock-star.  🙂  little olivia and her blond…

  • Trina Riggott - I love the photos Krista. They made me smile. Owen and Olivia have the best relationship. I know you are so proud.

  • Krista - Wow, I figured we got some great moments but I had no idea! LOVE THEM, can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

  • Ann - They are awesome!

  • Michele Hess - Beautiful!!!! yes, those first two are perfect! xo

  • Lisa - Love the pictures! You are going to have the hardest time picking out which ones you want copies of.

  • Chris G. - So sweet! Wonderful pictures of all of you!!

  • Randina Springer - LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures Krista!!

  • Carrie Blom - Love the photos! Looks like it’s time for me to schedule a session!

  • Erin Metz - They are all precious. I think the one of you girls is priceless! We moms have to relish the photos we’re actually in and you both look beautiful!

  • Brenda Radosevich - Beautiful subjects for beautiful photography!!!

  • Mary Jo Noftsgser - The pictures are awesome. Your kids are so adorable.

  • Patti Burns - I love the pictures! They are precious, especially the one with Owen playing the guitar!

  • Keri - Ohhh !! Sooo cute. I love the Owen kiss with Olivia’s eyes shut, your rockstar and of course the one with you and Olivia. So special.

  • Bobbi McCrady - Very precious pics Krista!!

  • Jason - It’s amazing that you can capture such beautiful moments in time! Especially, when it’s nearly impossible to get either of them to sit still for a minute. Thank you.

  • Noni - Cute, cute, cute!! You have done a great job capturing our grandkids for posterity!!
    Thank you!!

  • Paul - Great pictures, they grow up so fast,

  • Auntie Erin - Love you guys! These look great!

  • Peggy - These are absolutely beautiful!

  • Jane - Great pictures!!!

  • Matthew - O M G !!!!! These pictures are FABULOUS!!!!!!