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happy birthday daniela…

oh pretty girl…you are one now and as sweet as ever.  i love that you share a birthday with my myles and i will always think of you on your special day.  you have the most wonderful mommy and daddy…i am so happy that i get to watch you grow… thank you for showing me…

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  • Auntie Heather - ADORABLE! What great shots! Eydie, you captured Daniela’s expressions & personality so perfectly. I am going to hang a big print of the cupcake-eating photo in my kitchen!

sugar and spice and everything nice…

that’s what wren is made of… you are a beautiful little love…i am happy that your family has a little girl to swoon over.  i am sure they cannot stop looking at your sweet self because you are perfection.  i sure had fun taking photos of you…what a wonderful family you have been welcomed into. …

  • Papa Mark - Beautiful pictures of my new beautiful granddaughter

  • Greta - Imlove her hats! So sweet. Glad to have a new buddy for Matilda!

  • Nancy - Wren is beautiful! I can’t wait to meet her. All the photo’s are beautiful. I wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite. Nancy E.

  • Nate - So cute! Love the pic with her big brother.

  • Auntie Jamie - So peaceful and cute. XOXO

  • Jayne Benesh - What a gorgeous little girl!! The pictures are adorable, every one of them.

  • Grams - Eydie your photos brought this grandma to tears.

  • Auntie Katie - I officially have baby fever! S & J, your genetics are unstoppable as baby Wren is just breathtaking! Eydie, remarkable job (yet again) capturing the beauty of my new baby niece!

  • Marie - eydie… you have done it again. these are wonderful. i love the one of mom and wren. and the hair, i love the hair.

  • Linda - What a doll! The photos are amazing, and she’s just as precious in person!

  • Karen B.(another Gramma) - How did Grams know that dear sweet Wren could wear the pink barette so soon!

  • Heather - These pictures are absolutely amazing! Summer she is so beautiful, I can’t wait to meet her. I’m not sure how you’re gonna narrow down your favorites since Eydie does such a wonderful job!!!

  • Summer - The most beautiful girl in the world, captured by the most talented baby photographer in the world!

  • Aunt Cristy - Wren, you are just adorable. And Eydie, you are an amazing photographer. Thanks for sharing these!

  • Judy - What absolutely beautiful pictures!! Sommer, you have a very special family!

  • Melissa - What amazing pictures of a beautiful baby girl. They are perfect!

  • Maggie - Absolutely stunning pictures, Wren is breathtaking Summer! Hope I get to meet her over Thanksgiving!

  • Katie - Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!!

  • Aunt Ann - Wren you are beautiful. What precious pictures. Summer, I love the one of you and Wren.

  • gwen - oh. my. goodness… I am absolutely swooning over these images. delicious. so so beautiful, eydie.

summer nights…

what a gorgeous family this is…and, i loved spending the evening with them.  ella, caleb and isaac, you were so so well behaved…just sweet joys to photograph. and, this was the most beautiful setting for our session…my dream outdoor studio.:)  it was a lovely summer evening…warm, a small breeze and three sweet ones running in…

my sweet loves…

i vowed to myself this year i would be better about doing a few regular photography sessions with my own children.  a real photography session, where i plan a special little spot to go, dress up and capture a few memories we will cherish forever and always.  and, so this is the first of 2011…and,…

  • Judy - These photos are absolutely stunning, Eydie, expressing your gifted talent beautifully.

  • Natalie - Eydie- these are amazing!!! Absolutely beautiful photos! You will definitely cherish these forever!!

  • Maria - What sweet photos!! Love the setting! And your children as so loving, it really shines through in the photos!

  • Sally - Oh Eydie, those are truly perfect summertime photos. You deserve to have one incredible “secret field” to take your babies portraits…everything about the shoot is beautiful.

our sweet love…myles henry

it is very hard for me to believe that our little love is already 4 weeks old.  my eyes well up just thinking about it because he has already grown so much. sometimes, i wish that time could just stand still…because i just want him to stay teeny for just a bit longer.  he is…

  • Sally - Oh Eydie…Myles is the perfect addition to your already wonderful family. I love love love all the georgeous photos you and Gwen have taken. This is by far the most heartwarming blog entry. I love you and your family so much!

  • vikki - Oh he is absolutely gorgeous! Such precious family shots you have as well, they will be so treasured. Congratulations Eydie

  • Maria - What amazing photos!!!! Such a little honey! Beautiful family!

  • Jen - Oh – these are gorgeous!! He is just perfect and very much loved by his siblings!

  • gwen - oh, sweet sweet myles. such a beautiful boy. your photos have captured him absolutely perfectly. and the ones of grace and max? so adorable. love your sweet family, eydie. so honored to have you as a friend. 🙂

  • Laura - Gosh Eydie… this makes me so jealous. I wish we had you for Jack. Awesome photos….

  • Leah - Eydie. . . Myles is absolutely gorgeous, and what beautiful pictures. Congrats to you and the entire family. I hope you are enjoying every moment with your new family of 5. So happy for you. 🙂