newborn love…baby as art

oh my….you will see, beautiful, beautiful sweet ones.  i attended the Baby As Art newborn workshop this past week-end in san diego. it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  if you have not heard of baby as art, you must take a moment to go peek at their stunning baby photography. carrie and brittany were such wonderful mentors…so sweet, and approachable.  and, so humble with their talent.  i am in constant awe of what they do…God given talent.  they recently photographed PINK and her new baby girl…awesome.  we played and practiced and learned SO much and i met a great group of photographers from around the world that i know i will remain in contact with for years to come.  below are a few of my favorites…

sweet baby love…maxwell

maxwell is the second grand baby on our block in the last few weeks…and, as you will see below he is perfect and very squeezable.:)  i loved being able to hold him all morning long while we were taking photos.  mark and angela, i am so happy for your family and of course think your name choice is top notch.:)  i will love seeing another max running around our neighborhood and am so happy that i will get so see you often when you visit your parents. maxwell, you have been blessed into the most wonderful home.  and, your grandparents across the street…well, i think they are the grandest…  blessings to you all.