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pictures of hope…sweet elizabeth

i love these sessions…and have worked with nothing but exceptional families and parents.  these babies are true blessings…when i look into their beautiful, sweet eyes, i know how differently it could have been.  sweet baby elizabeth is doing so well and is getting so close to going home to her two big brothers and one…

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  • Jessica - Oh, these pictures are amazing! Sarah (Elizabeth’s mama) is my husband’s cousin and a very dear friend of mine. She has been through so much since Elizabeth’s very early delivery and is daily torn between precious Elizabeth at the hospital and her three adorable children at home. I know these pictures mean so much to her, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your amazing gift of photography with someone that is dear to me. And what a gift you have! Your whole website is amazing. Thank you again for your fantastic work!


little miracles…pictures of hope

in the heart of the holiday season, i find it is so easy to get caught up  in the commercialization of Christmas…the gift buying, the decorations, the holiday cards…all of the things that seem to take over our lives during the month of december. and, not that all of these things are not wonderful because…

shutter mission and pictures of hope…

ShutterMission…a website highlighting portrait charities and supporting photographers who give their time, talent and heart. this is their mission and it is wonderful…they are sharing amazing stories and i am honored they chose to highlight my story of beautiful shelby on their website. http://www.shuttermission.org/org/pictures-of-hope/eydie-nelson-photography/ portrait charities have brought comfort, peace, and joy to countless lives…

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  • Shutter Mission | Portrait Charities - So happy to hear that Shelby is doing well!

    Thanks so much for spreading the word about portrait charities, and for allowing us to feature your beautiful photography on Shutter Mission. I’m sure it will inspire others to give back!