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just a few of my favorites…

oh my am i behind on my blogging…so lucky you…a mack daddy blog post.  beware : :  adorable children below.:)  first up is miss julia.  doesn’t she melt your heart?  i was fully entertained by this little sweetheart…can i say hilarious?  and, cute in every way.  i have photographed her since she was just days…

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  • kt-z - LOVE LOVE LOVE… made my night. mwah


meet sweet ben…the most adorable little boy who filled the cloudy, dark skies with beautiful light.:) and, i cannot forget his friend bunny who was equally as adorable.  ben spent over an hour playing in the grass…mostly running away from me!  ha!  but, i fooled him and we managed to catch those beautiful brown eyes…

  • Emily - Wow, Eydie. What beautiful pictures! You are such a talented photographer and we love the work you did. Ben loved his time with you and has talked about “Eydie” all week. Thank you for capturing such beautiful family moments!
    Emily, Roger, Ben

  • Alethea - What beautiful pictures! Amazing work!
    -Alethea 🙂

  • Omar - These are fantastic, pictures. I especially like how you captured Bunny. 🙂

  • Roger - Thank you so much for these amazing pictures! We look forward to seeing the rest.

  • Sandra - Que fotos mas preciosa,mi nino se ve como un bebe de pelicula!

  • Camesha - really nice pic. this is a really good looking family if i must say.


  • Karissa - I love these pictures of my nephew! I was thinking that I would look at them and pick my favorites out but in all honestly, I love love love them all!!

  • Katie - Such sweet pictures! They will be a wonderful memory when he is older.

  • Barb - What BEAUTIFUL pictures. I love how you captured Ben’s personality! I almost feel like I was there.

  • Mary Larson - Great Pictures!!

  • Aaron - oh, to be a 2yr old again… well done at capturing the pure joy a family shares with eachother!

  • sid krovance - Great pictures of the Aviles family. Kudos for the “live in-action” photography style you are using. Makes for better pictures.

  • Nicole - What beautiful pictures of your beautiful family! I love how Ben’s sparkle was captured. 🙂

  • Cindy H - WOW–How cute. Such spontaneous and natural moments were captured with these photos. They are truely photos you will tresure for a lifetime!

  • Michelle Snook - These are amazing! What a sweet little guy and wonderful family.

  • Spike - Great looking kid. So healthy. I bet his pediatrician rocks. Yep, he does. Give him some money.

noah (almost 2)…

sweet noah will be two soon…his daddy told me at his shoot that it seems like yesterday i was at their house taking his newborn photos.  i agree.  what an adorable little guy you are, little noah…when you smile your whole face lights up.  and, your beautiful dark eyes.  mmmm….mmmm.  this family is filled with…

miss julia rose…

oh miss julia…how can you already be one?  you are sweet, sweet, sweet and i have loved watching you grow into a little girl over the last year.  your cute expressions are priceless…  please tell your mommy and daddy thank you…:)  i will look forward to when i get to see you all again.

little boy wonder…

the day was gloomy and storms loomed around us.  this didn’t seem to affect this little man…he never fails me.  each and every time i photograph him he shows me the most adorable smiles and faces.  and, it doesn’t matter if the day is dark, his beautiful, blue eyes sparkle with wonder and happiness. jacob…