baby james…minneapolis baby photographer

perfect sweetness….there is nothing more precious than this stage in a baby’s little life.  every little inch of you is yummy, baby james…and, all of your facial expressions are priceless.  thank you for coming to visit me in the studio….so nice to see you, caryn.:)

eat him up…edina baby photography

hugs and kisses to your whole family, ben…you are precious, precious, precious.  i could eat you up morning, noon and night.:)  thank you for coming to visit me…i loved seeing you all.

happy 2012…

is it really 2012?  my oh my has time gotten away from me!:)  the holidays were wonderful…they flew by in the blink of an eye.  and, then my sweet baby girl turned 6 right after Christmas.  i am still trying to convince myself that she was just born a year ago.  i am back to work, but just a bit behind on my blogging.  i am happy to be back in action and excited for the year that lies ahead of me!  with that said, i will let you take a peek at the the sweetest baby girl, miss ellie.  i have had the pleasure of watching her grow over the last year.  what a beauty she is.  she celebrated her first birthday in december and i think she seemed to enjoy it.  i hope you have many, many happy birthdays to come ellie. xoxo.

and, then i introduce to you the adorable latham…what a peach he is.  the biggest smile and the most beautiful heart warming brown eyes. his parents are just as lovely and i really loved spending the morning with them a couple of weeks ago.  like ellie, latham just celebrated his first birthday as well.  happy birthday to you, sweet latham.  and, thank you for the sweet hug when i left you.  mmmmmm…sweetness.

benjamin…edina newborn photography

9 pounds, 4 ounces of perfectness…congratulations jens, jill and jacob.  benjamin is so lucky to be loved by your family.  thank you for letting me photograph him when he was tiny and new.:)  i am so happy for you all.  love, eydie

sweet isla…minneapolis baby photography

little love isla catalina is now 6 months…she is very sweet and has the most beautiful eyes.  oh, how i love her beautiful name.  it was fun to see her adorable family again.  thank you, alethea and matt.