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sofia & louis (16 weeks new)…

so nice to meet you sofia and louis…what darling, darling little peanuts you are.  you are going to melt many hearts when you grow older.:)  thank you for allowing me the opportunity to take your first photographs.

miss harper…

such a fun afternoon i spent with miss harper and her family…what a little sweetness.  i loved how harper’s mommy wanted to try all kinds of fun and creative ideas with her little girl.  i think harper enjoyed herself and especially the end of her session.  as you will see, she thoroughly enjoyed her beautiful…

  • Erin - Oh My Goodness! I am absolutely in love with these pictures, and am so happy with how these turned out. I have been so excited to see these of course, and couldn’t be more thrilled with how they turned out.

  • Dan Swift - Thanks again Eydie! The pictures are fantastic! I can’t wait to see the whole set! 🙂

  • Morgan - So precious! Harper is one beautiful little girl!

  • Tom Swift - Great pictures of Harper!

  • Carolyn Dunn - Harper is adorable. Just looking at these pictures makes me smile. Don’t let her get any older!!!

  • Cassie Schulz - I love these pictures! I can’t wait to see Harper again!

  • Kate - Ummmm wow! Adorable photos, Erin!!!! That one of your entire family is stunning! The lighting is perfection.

  • Tracey McHugh - Absolutely precious!! Each picture shows a different side of little Harper!! So many great expressions!! I would have to get every pose, if I were her Mom!!

  • Anne - These pictures are adorable! What a little lady she is growing up to be, and these pictures capture that perfectly!

  • Maureen McElwee - Her pictures are beautiful – so happy we can share her growing up with you.

  • Erica Anderson - These photos are breathtaking! Beautiful family!

  • Gerry McHugh - The pictures are great, My brief weekend seeing Harper now continues, what a surprise.

  • Julie Schlagenhaft - The pictures are adorable! You really captured Harper naturally, nice job!

  • Nancy Hutchison - These are beautiful photos of a beautiful baby. So unique and full of personality. They really capture how adorable she is!

  • Chrissie Hoffman - SOOO cute…I love the cupcake ones the best!!

  • Gabriela - Beautiful pictures Erin! You all look great but Harper is the best! I love the cupcakes pictures and the one with all of you!

  • Tara Streff - What a little beauty! Simply stunning photo of the family. I can’t believe how much she has grown! Happy B-day Little Miss Harper XOXO

  • Sue Maus - What wonderful photos Dan and Erin! Harper is a cutie. LOVE the brown eyes!

  • Margie Babin - Great pics! Keep ’em coming ~ she’s just getting cuter & cuter!!!

  • Connie B - How can you chose? better get one of each!!!

miss ellie…

we had the most beautiful fall day for miss ellie’s one year shoot…her big brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight and she was a perfect little model for our photo session.  i enjoyed meeting her parents who are also fellow iowans.  🙂  thank you angie and jason…it was great to meet you three.  ellie is…

  • Kristy - How adorable! I love these pictures!!!!!

  • Angie - Thanks Eydie! We had so much fun and love the pics! Thank you for all of your patience with us!!

  • Sally - Oh Eydie, the puppy and that babe eating the strawberry…..SO PRECIOUS! One of your best shoots!

  • Michelle - Love the pictures! Her eyes are beautiful. Captured her really well.

  • Jo - These pictures just confirm Ellie is a beautiful baby and I love all her expressions!

  • Kari - What a beautiful brown eyed girl!! These pictures are all gorgeous!!

  • scott - These are super pictures of Ellie…She is so adorable…She just has the prettiest eyes…Nice job Ang and Jason

  • Jessica - Could she be any cuter! Love the one of all 4 of you too!

  • Emily - So cute!! Love her brown eyes! Payton looks pretty good as well:)

  • Heather - great pics Eydie

  • Gwen Christianson - Wow, they are all so beautiful of our little “Ellie”, I especially like the close up of her sitting in the chair!

  • Jayne - These pictures are very special. Is there a baby cuter than Ellie? I don’t think so. I also loved the one of the whole family. Thank you for sharing with me.

  • Molly - What a cutie! Can you believe she is this big already??? I just love her eyes. Beautiful little girl!!

  • Sasha Fenske - What I beautiful niece I have!

  • Jill - These pictures are absolutely amazing! Ohh-she just melts your heart! So beautiful!

  • Jennifer - Ellie is gorgeous! So fun to see the photos – she is absolutely adorable!

  • David and Karen Fenske - OMG, Can she get anymore gorgeous? What a beautiful speciman of the two of you. Can’t stop looking at her.

    Love and Kisses, Aunt Karen and Uncle Dave

  • Jamie - Beautiful pictures!!! I love all of them….how are you going to pick?!

  • Krystle - These pictures are so ADORABLE! Ellie is getting so big!

  • Megan - Absolutely adorable pictures! You captured her really well!

  • DON - Beautiful pictures of Grandpa’s little Angel

  • Laura Berg - What a gorgeous baby girl! Amazing pictures, Jason and Angie!