otto and max…

oh otto, how can you be one?  i barely recognized you when i saw you this time.  you have grown into a little boy and my oh my are you pure sweet.  and max, you melt my heart.:)  you and your brother otto are clearly such happy little boys.  so many smiles to share with me.  i am so sad that this family has come to the end of their baby plan.:(  i have loved getting to know all of them so much and adore these sweet little boys.  s family, you have always been so easy for me to photograph…you are just naturally so engaging and loving toward one another.  it really is wonderful to watch your family interact because it is very clear how much love flows around your family.  🙂  i will miss seeing my little pals otto and max every six months and mom and dad too.  xoxo…hope to see you again soon.

Posted by Eydie Nelson

I adore the families I am fortunate enough to work with and am grateful they allow me to capture a little piece of their lives. Your children not only inspire me behind my lens, but fill me with happiness.

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  1. eydie, you captured these boys perfectly. they are truly two very cute, cuddly, and sweet little boys… must be a reflection of their mom and dad.

  2. You’ve captured Max & Otto beautifully, Eydie. Seriously, is it the end of our “1st Year Baby Plan”?!? If ever there were a reason to have a 3rd baby, your photography and “baby plan” add a great big check mark to the “Pro” column. Sooner or later I hope:)

    You continually amaze me with your talent – so much so that I don’t fret over what the boys are going to wear or if their hair is combed (or cut, as the case may be with Max) for pictures. When I look at your photos, the spirt of my boys shines more brightly than anything else. You have a gift.

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