oh thomas…

thomas is one of my wonderful, little iowa clients…  🙂  the last time i saw him, he was 6 months old.  he has grown into a little boy and is so darling…his eyes….my oh my his eyes…and, i cannot forget the little brown curls.  he was very, very busy doing all the things that little boys do.  and, did not want to put down the snow shovel that was in the yard.  actually, he got very angry when we tried to take away his snow shovel.  i guess he was so sad to see the iowa snow go by by.  we had a beautiful spring day with nothing but warm air and sun.  thank you ann and chris for the opportunity to photograph thomas again.en_imageborder_horz6en_imageborder_horz-31en_imageborder_vert-24en_imageborder_horz-24en_imageborder_vert3

  • Michelle - i’m biased, but he’s a cutie!
    growing up so fast
    love ya thomas – aunt michelle

  • Katey Hancock - I love Thomas! He is a doll!

  • Lisa Reisner - He’s getting so big! adorable! I love his eyes!