meet otto (6 days) & big brother max…

yes, i know you want to squeeze them both.  two little angels.  otto was in dreamland for all of our shoot and max was the most well behaved “almost” two year old i have ever taken photos of.  he listened and snuggled for minutes with his new baby brother.  i am in love with the photo of max and otto…these little moments are very special.  to the c. family:  thank you for allowing me so much time with your family.  it was so nice to meet you all.  congratulations on your new little sweet pea.

oh, and a little side note on the last two photos.  we ended our photo shoot at a local boutique in the adorable linden hills neighborhood of minneapolis. OSCAR & BELLE is in my opinion the cutest baby boutique in twin cities.  the store itself has so much charm and all of the items inside of it are fabulous. and, miss anna, the owner of O&B, is not only the owner, but the designer too.  she is beyond talented…really.  All of Oscar & Belles’s organic baby products are SKAL or Oeko Tex 100 Certified Organic Cotton, grown without any synthetic fertilizers, toxins, or pesticides. Also, each organic baby and children’s item in our store is produced and manufactured without any harsh dyes, chemical bleaches, and is made strictly to ensure no chemical or metal contaminants come near your child. It doesn’t get any better than that does it?  If you have not visited this wonderful boutique, make sure you do so because i promise you that you will not want to leave.  🙂  a special thanks to anna gustafson for allowing us to photography baby otto in your beautiful store.ezzabdczf

Posted by Eydie Nelson

I adore the families I am fortunate enough to work with and am grateful they allow me to capture a little piece of their lives. Your children not only inspire me behind my lens, but fill me with happiness.

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  1. Sandy Chevalier January 26, 2010 at 6:06 pm

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Just when I think it’s impossible to fall any more in love with my boys I see gorgeous photos like these, Eydie, and am proven entirely wrong. Thank you for so beautifully capturing a few fleeting moments from our first week as a family of four. You are so talented it’s going to take a lot of restraint to keep from calling you every couple weeks to shoot photos of Max & Otto!

  3. What beautiful photos, Eydie. We can’t wait for you to take photos for us soon!!!

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