introducing megan and madelyn (6 weeks)…

i don’t think i can say much more than these two little baby girls are perfect little miracles…sweet, sweet, sweet.  i am always filled with amazement when i photograph twins…i attempt to pose them, but they always end up posing themselves in a way that is much more beautiful.  it always seems as if they just know they were meant to be right next to one another…snuggled tightly.   they will share a special bond forever.  what a blessing.  i had a wonderful morning with mom and grandma and these two, little peanuts.  thank you matt and andrea.:)

  • Heather - Wow, those are great

  • amanda310 - oh my goodness, these are so sweet. the clean, simple style is perfect for these cute baby girls.

  • Andrea - Thank you so much Eydie! You are so talented and have such a gift working with newborns. We love the photos and can’t wait to see all the others too!! THANKS again!

  • Tim and Kathy Nelson - These are the best pictures we have ever seen. Two beautiful Angels. You are all truly Blessed!

  • Bonnie Wagner - Wow!!! You are amazing Eydie. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this experience. They are truly miracles!!!!

  • Matt - Simply Amazing!

  • Molly - The photos bring tears to my eyes, just as Maggie and Maddie do everytime I hold them. Amazing photos of amazing girls.

  • Sarah Gute - oh dear…those girls are simply precious! the photos are amazing! 🙂

  • Laura - What beautiful babies – and gorgeous photos!

  • Terry Gunderson - Gorgeous girls — these pictures made my day.

  • Norma - What beautiful pictures of amazing babies!

  • Melissa Sanchez - What beautiful little angels you have!

  • Jenny Tollefson - Andrea~
    These pictures are simply amazing! It was so fun to visit you all this week! You are an amazing mother and your sweet babies are beautiful!

  • Natalie Godfredson - Absolutely Adorable!!!

  • Linda - They are gorgeous little girls! These are pictures to treasure!!

  • Scott - Wow! They are so precious.

  • Patty VanLiew - What a treasure you have in these beautiful pictures of your precious twins. They touch my heart and make me smile.

  • Kristan Bidwell - Andrea~
    The pictures are amazing and the girls are beautiful!!! What a great memory of this beautiful time in your life.