calvin & wesley…minneapolis children’s photography

little calvin is one of my precious baby plan babies…and, he is edible isn’t he?  i photographed these two in june when calvin was just teeny tiny and at that point his big brother was not so sure about this new little baby that had arrived in his home.  but, things are different now and he was loving everything about his baby brother.  watching them interact was very sweet.  i had so much fun last week with this adorable family.  i am SO lucky to work with the best clients!:)  thank you, mclean’s…more to come soon.

on a side note, this is one of my two new studio spaces that are available to my clients.  i love them both and it has been wonderful in our dark, gloomy winter months.  both spaces have beautiful natural light and offer a different alternative than taking photos at your home or outside!

  • Marie - Thank you Eydie! These pictures are wonderful. You did a great job capturing this moment in time for our family. We will treasure these pictures. I am so amazed by the work you do. These turned out better than I could have even imaged. Thank you again!!

  • gwen - So so beautiful, Eydie. What wonderful portraits. Such a lucky family! 🙂