callum thomas…6 days new

this will be the first of two extra special posts for me.  ironically, both of my neighbors who live directly across the street, welcomed their first grandbabies within days of one another.  so, clearly something was in the water wells on nebraska avenue last winter.:)  below is baby callum…such a sweet pea.  he was an angel for our shoot.  congratulations mel and dom…he is so beautiful.  and, a special shout out to grandpa mike and grandma julie…so happy for you both, too.  baby callum is one lucky little baby boy…i am happy that i will get to watch him grow for years to come.

  • Julie Stahl - Oh Eydie, these pictures are so beautiful! He is such a sweet bundle. This grandma just wants to hold him every day. Mel and Dom are blessed with a precious little boy. I can’t wait to select photos!

  • Momma Mel - Eydie,
    You truly captured the innocence and beauty of our son. You are such a pro and we enjoyed every minute of the photo shoot. It is going to be hard to choose what photos to use for his birth announcements since the ones posted above are all precious. I am SO HAPPY you got a picture of him smiling since he tends to do that in his sleep a lot! Bravo.