my sweet loves…

i vowed to myself this year i would be better about doing a few regular photography sessions with my own children.  a real photography session, where i plan a special little spot to go, dress up and capture a few memories we will cherish forever and always.  and, so this is the first of 2011…and, even though it was 100 degrees, we went, and played in a beautiful minnesota field.  this is my dream spot for photos…so pretty, full of color and texture. timeless simplicity.  i was worried the bugs might eat us alive, but it was even too hot for them to come out and play.  ha!

and, finally the best part of the evening…our reward of ice cream at the lake.  and, a little time in the lake too.

and, one final photo that i took recently of my little guys…

the sweet twos…minneapolis children’s photography

miss signe rose…super sweet and an adorable little two year old.  she was timid at first, but then had many smiles to share.  i have watched signe grow over the last two years and this is the true joy of my job.

i love these children and their families too.  i cannot wait to see signe as a big sister in november.:)

calvin & wesley…minneapolis children’s photography

little calvin is one of my precious baby plan babies…and, he is edible isn’t he?  i photographed these two in june when calvin was just teeny tiny and at that point his big brother was not so sure about this new little baby that had arrived in his home.  but, things are different now and he was loving everything about his baby brother.  watching them interact was very sweet.  i had so much fun last week with this adorable family.  i am SO lucky to work with the best clients!:)  thank you, mclean’s…more to come soon.

on a side note, this is one of my two new studio spaces that are available to my clients.  i love them both and it has been wonderful in our dark, gloomy winter months.  both spaces have beautiful natural light and offer a different alternative than taking photos at your home or outside!

the pearson family…

meet nicholas, bennett, grant and baby rowan…these stunning wee ones are the children of my dear friend who i have known for many, many years.  this family is beautiful inside and out…it is evident when photographing them how much love surrounds their sweet family.  it was so fun to see the uniqueness of each child…and how they interacted with their little baby sister.  clearly they adore her…she is going to be very protected by her big brothers throughout her entire life.  nate and heidi, thank you.  it was wonderful to see you all and spend time with your family!  more photos to come soon!

ollie & finn…

i adore this family and love when i get to see them…we met on one hot, hot sunday a couple weeks ago…little ones never seem to notice when it is 95 degrees and humid.  life and playing went on as normal.  these little guys, who are twins have grown so fast and i have enjoyed watching them grow.  their personalities are so different…each with their own adorable qualities.  sam, and ryan…always a joy.  🙂