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fiona grace…minneapolis pictures of hope

i had the joy of meeting baby fiona and her beautiful mummy last week at children’s hospital in minneapolis.  fiona is growing stronger there by the day and was so so sweet and good for her photo session.  please keep baby fiona in your prayers…she will be having surgery next month.  thank you, steph…wonderful to…

sweet baby melia…pictures of hope

i am continuously humbled by the wonderful families i meet through the pictures of hope foundation.  the robertson family was no exception…so gracious, sweet and loving.  at 22 weeks of pregnancy, melia’s mommy found out that her membranes had ruptured and she had placental abruption. after a month of bed rest, Melia Joy was born…

  • Sarah Scofield - These pictures are adorable!!! Eydie you do such an amazing job. Thank you for being a part of Pictures of Hope!

  • Iris - What a beautiful baby girl, and such a miracle. What you have given this family is such a gift and precious memory.

  • Vicki Ekbom - What a beautiful baby!

  • Carole Troff - Oh my, what a precious baby girl! God is indeed the great creator!

  • Amanda Robertson - Eydie, we can’t thank you enough for coming and for the beautiful job you did. It was such a blessing to us!

  • Greta Carlson - Beautiful pictures! I love that they are called Pictures of Hope. ‘Hope’….what a wonderful word!

little angel addyson…pictures of hope

sweet baby addyson was born on march 29th at just over one pound…she is a little miracle and i am happy to report that she is now over five pounds and hopefully going home to her mom and dad soon.  my pictures of hope photography sessions are nothing but humbling.  i love every minute i…

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  • Marissa - Eydie~ Thank you so much for coming to photograph Addyson! The pictures turned out beautifully and I’m so glad we got to meet you!! You are such a sweet person and I can’t wait to have to shoot the whole family some day 😉